Julie A. Picardi

Awaken Your Heart's Desires, One Breath at a Time!
Our mission:

To teach you how to encompass various creative processes that will help awaken your heart's desires, one breath at a time. 

To guide your soul on its journey towards unlocking the creative capacity that lies within you so you may become acquainted with your passion in life. 

To teach you how to pursue that passion with unwavering faith, dedication and love.  

To help you open your heart to all the universe has to offer as we guide you towards creating your soulful destiny and teach you how to  attract love, abundance, health and good fortune into your life.  

To provide a network of love, light, divinity, guidance and support as you awaken, take this leap of faith and embark on this wonderful journey.

May each of you be blessed with all the universe has to offer.  Namaste!